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I'm Robert, and my goal is to capture the moments you'll look back on, share with your family, decorate your house with and won't be able to capture on your phone. Photography is the second thing in my life I hold dearest to my heart, my wife is number one.  

Nothing compares to the joy of being able to capture such a beautiful day like the day you get married. As a man who's stood in front of family and friends waiting for his future bride to walk down the aisle, I know how important it is to have everything just right. I want to capture the day as it happens and not just have posed photos. I want couples to look back at their photos and be able to relive that day. I’ve been photographing life since 2004 and in since 2012 I've had the pleasure of capturing engagements, I do's, and family moments.

I love listening to records, watching Star Wars, enjoying good food, rummaging through estate sales and thrift shops, finding film cameras to try and experiment with, being on the road, and of course capturing it all through my photographs. 

I am based in Highland Park, California born and raised in Pasadena, California but available for travel, and I would love to capture your moments. 

Lets find out if I'm the right photographer for your wedding.

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Meet Windy

My Wife of 6 years. Not Wendy or Whitney despite what a Starbucks employees might tell you. She is the brains and operations of the business. Without her I would be nothing but a fool with a camera. I have an eye when it comes to photography but when it comes to marketing, remembering to email clients (Guilty!), and good people skills, what I lack she makes up for. Which is about 85% of it. :)

I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

She’s the greatest thing to happen to me.







This is my bunny Ramon. He's a lot more interesting than I am...





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